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Who’s Looking?


Who hates moving? Right, everyone. What about actually looking for that new place to live? A majority as well. I know this and so does my company Vesta Preferred. We work with clients to help make apartment hunting a breeze and keep you stress free for the other aspects of your life. Hell, we’ll even drive you through the traffic stricken streets of Chitown so you don’t have to worry about playing Twisted Metal with cab drivers. That being said, a surprising number of people still choose to wade into the thick themselves and find their own apartments. There are hundreds of places that you can do this but a majority happens online with different sites like Craigslist, Domu, Hotpads, and Trulia. One of these draws in users with all kinds of innovative ways to look at real estate data which, face it, can be downright boring.

I stumbled upon this pretty awesome interactive chart that turned out to be fairly useful for myself when advertising apartments online. The chart allows you to look at what day and time during the week most people are looking for housing. You can break it down to individual states and even separate by computer or mobile searches. Here is one for Illinois:

Just a quick look at this shows me that a surprising amount of people looking for homes are doing little to no actual work at their jobs. Lucky for you I’m posting these after the workday is over, otherwise you would probably be reading this at work too. I did a quick comparison with my home state of Michigan and found out that us Michiganders are more likely to wait until later at night to even remember that we might need to move soon.

Play around with this thing a little and see how different things are all over the country. If anything, the bright colors will keep your attention for a couple of minutes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you next week. And Illinois, get back to work! Unless you’re like Vesta, tirelessly searching the Interwebs to help out renters. Send me a message if YOU need help!



Mole People


A lot of people looking for apartments in Chicago are very adamant about having a great view. They can be very specific about which compass direction to face, what they would like to be able to see ,and exactly how how up a skyscraper they want to live. The feeling of being on a top floor balcony gazing over the concrete jungle as taxis crawl by like ants is almost indescribably awesome. That being said, would you want to trade all that to live in a place like this?

Earthscraper-by-BNKR-02.jpgClick here to gigantify!

These are concept drawings from a Mexican architectural company to build giant buildings but flipped and buried into the ground. The weirdest thing to me is that it looks like the top level, or bottom level, not sure how you would describe the floors on this, is just a giant plexiglass viewing platform that looks down over a thousand feet into the Earth. How crazy would the world look if a cityscape didn’t have the distinctive skylines that we associate with them nowadays but were just flat ground with hundreds of viewports into the ground? Trippy right?

Not to get all save the whales on you but think about the ecological impact of being able to build an actual skyscraper on top of an earthscraper and how many people and businesses you could put into one normal building’s footprint.

I imagine prices for renting/buying these places would be pretty low since you would have to be a special kind of crazy to work 8 hours a day with barely any natural sunlight then take an elevator ride up to your cave to spend the night. To each their own but give me a room with a view. Well, looks like it is time for me to get back to some actual work now. You should too, I think your boss is looking over your shoulder!

Catch you on the flip side.