How We Work

Do you dread the idea of looking for your own apartment? Most people do. Nobody likes trolling through the likes of Craigslist, Trulia, and all the other assorted real estate sites. Our company is designed to make your search for a new home both easy and FUN!

Here’s how it works. You get in contact with me or one of the other agents at Vesta. We pick your brain for all the criteria that you are looking for in the perfect new home. Then you sit back and rest on your laurels while we work 110% to scour the city for places that hit every item on your check list. You look over a condensed list of all the properties that we found and pick out the top candidates. We jump on the phone and jump through hoops to set up appointments that work with your busy schedule while you check out the latest reality show. On the appointed day, we pick you up and battle the cab and bus drivers to take you to each location. No city parking for you! At the end of the day, one of your favorite units has spoken to you and we zip back over to put an application in and secure you a new home! It’s so simple I’m surprised I’m not talking on the phone with you yet.

It gets better. Our service is completely free to you! Yeah, I said free. We work with the buildings to bring them qualified tenants and our compensated by them without you spending a dime! All of our qualified agents put your needs at the top of their list until you are completely satisfied. I know some that don’t sleep until the deal is done!

So next time you are getting ready to look for an apartment or know someone who might need help, make sure that you check in with us and see how we can make your search that much more stress free and fun.

Shoot me an email at mhueter@vestapreferred.com to get started or click the logo at the top to view properties that we have available to show. I look forward to hearing from you and rocking out your search!


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