Wicked Expensive


In this day and age material wealth and excess are the name of the game. Actors and other stars spend millions of dollars on extravagant homes in all the best locales. I’m sure everyone has seen at least one episode of MTV’s Cribs (is that still on?) and been completely disgusted awed by the amount of money spent on the homes. What you don’t really hear about are billion dollar homes! Found one. An artist in Ireland built a home of about $1.8 billion (1.4 billion euros). The building material is what is so expensive. It is made purely of shredded money!

Now that’s a brick of cash!

That one brick is made of about 50,000 shredded euros. The artist, Frank, built the home as a statement about the ill fated Irish construction boom that has since crashed. The home is actually an apartment built in the lobby of a recently built but now abandoned office building. All the decorations are made from other forms of money.

Mountains of cash

He is still working on getting a kitchen addition constructed as the house is just a living room and bedroom right now. Apparently the euro is a great insulator but somehow don’t think that it is up to any sort of fire safety standards. Would you want to live in a house that is literally made of money?

Catch you guys later.



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