Don’t Do That!


Everyone knows that Chicago is a huge midwest tourist hub. In the summer months the Magnificent Mile is a mass of humanity oogling the tall buildings and outrageous shopping. Everyone is itching to get to the top of the Willis (read: Sears) Tower or ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. What these gullible fools don’t know is that the city is so much more than all the kitschy and cliche tourist traps attractions.

It’s the bean!

I have known this for some time now. Whenever my parents would take my brother and I to visit Chicago we never went to these places, we were always deep in the galleries of River North looking at obscure furniture and art (my parents are design architects). Rather I shouldn’t say we didn’t go to the normal places, we did, once, and then never again. It was the same in other touristy places like Las Vegas and Hawaii. Instead of spending our time in casinos or Wikiki Beach we were going to see shows or driving along some forgotten cliff road to see what was on the other side of the island.

Actual road my poor mother drove on!

If you are coming to Chicago or already live here and want to find something off the beaten path to do then I really suggest you look through this article.

I have been to or done many of the things listed here and I can attest that they are all fantastic. The Lincoln Park Zoo is huge and FREE! The beaches near by are gorgeous and packed in the summer. The restaurants they mention are fantastic! Rick Bayless and XOCO is some of the best Hispanic street food you could ask for at breakfast. If you go to Big Star, get the pork belly taco, it is no joke the best taco I have ever eaten. And to top it off you can wash it down with super cheap but delicious beer and whiskey. What’s not to love!?

Big Star, mmmmm…

Hope you guys all have a great weekend! Maybe even go check out some of these not so well known local attractions. I know that right now I could sure go for a taco!



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