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Found this article on one of my new favorite websites, www.fastcompany.com. The house is supposed to be modular type home that you could breakdown and rebuild over and over again in dozens of different permutations. Seems like something very cool that you could throw up on your lakeshore property in the midwest during the summer and then pack flat and ship down to your winter place in the South. I wish I had either of those.

It is certainly a weird looking place from the outside. They have apparently only sold it to one person who happened to be an art collector which I guess is what you have to look at this thing like. It looks very cubist and although busy it still has a minimalist feel, check out the inside.

I don’t know how long it would stay like that though, especially with all the useless crap that we as people seem to acquire quite quickly. The video is kind of cool too so check it out!

I look forward to later this week as I feel like I might have something amazing for you! Until then…



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