Weird Buildings


Sorry for the late post today, I’ve been a busy bee. This one will be quick and is just a collection of photos of super strange houses that I have discovered around the Interwebs. You might have seen them before and if so, too bad for you. Enjoy them again!

This is a hilarious building located in Poland. Every time I see it makes me feel a little drunk and I wonder what it would be like after imbibing a little too much vodka in Poland and stumbling past.

This tugs at my heart strings. It is the side of a parking garage in Kansas to both alleviate the eyesore of the open sides of parking garages as well as drive people to go to the library downtown. There are some good books on there.

This is in Montreal and was built for Expo 67 which was one of the largest universal expositions in the world. It contains some 160 residences made of over 300 cubes. It just looks to me like it would be hard to find your apartment. Hopefully they give you a map!

Til next week my friends!



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