Unreal Real Estate


I think everyone has heard about Dubai at some point or another. It seems to be almost a fantasy land where all of your dreams can come true. The place has literally exploded developmentally in the past couple of decades. With buildings of all sorts sprouting up like weeds.

One thing that they have been known for is dredging up sand from the ocean floor to create their own islands. The one more commonly known is the Palms. It is a multi billion dollar community built out into the bay to look like a palm tree. You can live on the fronds and all down the trunk are resorts and shopping. It was so popular that they built two of them!

That’s crazy but what I’m about to show you is unreal. In movies, books, and our infinite imagination we see people that own their own private islands. Usually rich, sometimes a Bond villain these land owners couldn’t imagine being packed with other people on the same land mass so they up and bought their own island! How affordable is that you ask? Not very for a giant island. But what if you could buy a small, 500,000 square foot island? Now that might be a realistic option. Looks like you’ll be heading to Dubai in that case where their newest dredged real estate project is a man made archipelago where people can buy islands for starting at a cool 7 million! Welcome to “The World”.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like, a scale model of the continents of the world made up of private islands. Have you always wanted to live in Australia but couldn’t handle the whole day flight? Now you can just buy part of the continent and live down under in the Northern hemisphere, kangaroos optional. This is a hilarious idea to me but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that really wanted to buy part of Antarctica and maybe have some penguins living on the compound of my secret hideout.

Make sure to start figuring out what piece of the world you want and saving up now. When the real estate market drops over their you’ll want to get in on the ground floor.

Catch you guys later this week.




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