Candle Power


One thing I love about Christmas is the length that some people go to when it comes to decorating their houses. There was a house in Ann Arbor where I used to live that come November would be transformed by thousands of lights. My family used to take one night in December and drive all around the neighborhoods hunting for great light displays and we always ended with this one. I would show you a picture but the guy moved before camera phones where invented. Instead I have found several photos from peoples extravagant decorations. You never get to see things like this in Chicago.

I’m not even really positive there is a house behind all that.

Think of how ridiculously tedious this would be to put up and take down. Do you think the whole house exterior is covered in tiny staple holes?

The house on the left is the kind of work that I would be willing to put in one day. I like to look at these displays, not create them.

And finally, check out this video of somebody taking your boring old light display and turning the dial to eleven! Warning: I am fairly positive that this could cause epileptic seizures. You have been warned.

Catch you guys later this week and to all a good night.



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