Welcome to The Shire


So it looks like the theme for this week is themed houses. This one is near and dear to my heart as I have loved and will always loved the tales that Tolkien spun about Middle Earth. What gets me the most is how cheaply this family was able to build this home. 3000 pounds is something like $4,600 which is nothing even in this dismal housing market. It is very new age type green living as well with even the toilets contributing to compost for the garden.

This picture almost makes me think that you could look out your window and see Gandalf rolling up the hill in his horse drawn cart to carry you away on some far flung adventure to defeat Smaug the dragon or meet up with Tom Bomadil. (references that only the true believers will get) I am a little disappointed that the front door isn’t round but I’ll give them some leeway.

I wish they would have shown a picture of the family cause God knows that we are all wondering how hairy their feet are. Time to invest in some orthopedic Rogaine!

Until next week…



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