Any of you guys know what steam punk is? If not let me enlighten you. It is sort of a sub genre of science fiction usually set in the victorian era in England or the “wild west” era of the United States. Steam power and the industrial revolution are the name of the game and everything is made of brass and leather with gears galore! One terrible pop culture adaptation was the blockbuster(and I use that term loosely) movie “Wild Wild West” starring Will Smith. That giant spider thing and all the other contraptions that the evil genius employed were all that steam punk stands for. For some people, this genre of fiction has taken over their lives take for instance this unassuming house…

Beneath the quaint modern victorianesque exterior their lies an inner beast, powered by steam and all manner of old school industrial technology!

I personally love the dedication that this couple must have for their favorite type of literature. And I will say that this decor looks way cooler than a house lived in by Trekkies where you can’t take a step without getting full on Shatnered. My favorite part has to be where he made a modern flat screen TV and all its peripherals look like some kind of coal burning bureau. A tip of my top hat to you sir and more power to your awesome steam powered abode.

This sign says it all.

Until next time faithful readers, and I promise I wont be gone so long! And check this link for more pictures.



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