Pretty Square


Boy have I had a busy day today people. This is going to be short and sweet. This house is something I could see myself living in. I think that it has a great look and I love all of the raw looking wood and almost plain stone tiling.

One other thing I noted was that while it is advertised as a “minimalist” house and is located in Japan where living space usually comes at a premium, it looks to be a pretty spacious one bedroom house. Plus you can have a tree living inside the walls of your house! How cool is that? And ladies, did you see the SIZE of that closet?! It’s so big they don’t even call it a walk-in, they call it a “family closet”. Obviously because your whole friggin’ family could keep their clothes in there! Or maybe not, you guys do seem to have an awful lot of clothes…

Well thats it for today folks. Catch you on the other side of the week.



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