Corrugated Cubicles


Sorry for no post on Thanksgiving faithful readers but I hope you were all too busy ingesting gravy soaked turkey and then passing out from a tryptophan OD. Anywho, onward to the fun!

I love unique gadgets and when things are made from a material that you would have never thought possible. This is the epitome of that. If you keep looking through that post and go the company’s (Nothing) website you can watch a quick photo slideshow of their office getting its corrugated makeover.

How could you not have creative ideas all day when you are sitting in your office that is made from the same stuff your dorky eBay purchases come in? I love the fact that they were even able to put windows into that sofa/lounge area. I wondered about the stability of the stairs as well as that table area on top of the main office workspace but not only does the cardboard look super thick, there must be some sort of hidden support.

The only downside I can see is that spilling your coffee here would result in a warped desktop. I guess that would be easy to replace though with any of the delivery boxes that your office gets. Oh, and fire, that could be devastating. No smoking in the office.

Could you work in a cardboard cubicle? Let me know and I’ll see you later this week.



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