Could You Squeeze Me In?


Closet space, cabinet space, living space. Everyone seems to need space. The question really is, how much space do you actually need to live in? I personally don’t really need that much space but I feel that I might get a little claustrophobic in something like this…

Take the time to watch that. All you city living folks that will settle for nothing less than 900 square feet. That is a 90 square foot apartment. With all the basics. And the bathroom is surprisingly large too. Thank God this lady is a self proclaimed professional organizer because I don’t think it would all fit otherwise! She had a panic attack which I think I would have too the first night or two but I could definitely make this work. A place like this though, would never be feasible work.

This 10x10x10 cube has everything a person needs to live “comfortably”. It even has a dishwasher! I enjoy the idea of having all of your stuff crammed into the most economical space possible but I’m tall, and gangly, and as such would probably spend most of my time at the hospital getting treated for concussions from hitting my head on every one of those surfaces. Plus it just looks wonky (yes that is a word). To each their own though. Do you think you could live in a space this small?



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