World War Z


Ever think about what you would do and where you would go when the zombie apocalypse happens? This is a serious issue in this day and age people. The Center for Disease Control even has a page about zombie preparedness. Yup, thats the government. Apparently preparing for the inevitability that we will all become mindless shambling horde means that you will be well prepared for most any other natural disaster. Good to know.

Any how, most people seem to think that you should leave home and head to a remote country location away from people to lessen your chance of infection. I would say the same thing but in reality I have a lot of junk at home that I don’t know if I could just leave it behind. It would be better to just get a zombie-proof house.

Looks like some industrial warehouse right? Wrong. It doesn’t say but I imagine there is a futuristic control pad that you type your super secret code (read: the same pin you use for everything) in and then, SHAZAAM!

Now you have a chic modern home that despite having blast doors folded onto its sides just works. And yes, that is a pool house next door. It’s accessible via a drawbridge that lowers from the main house. Just because everyone you know and love wants some brain stew doesn’t mean you cant still hold on to your Michael Phelps fantasies.

Doesn’t say who the architect is but I need them on retainer. Watch your back everyone, you never know when the zombies will attack.



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