Those in Glass Houses…


You ready for some sweet real estate!? Too bad this isn’t closer to home. A place like this with a view of Lake Michigan would be spectacular indeed! Might want to work on some blinds for those bedrooms to keep all your creepy stalkers away though!

Real Estate Moment: I love how minimalist the design is with all the clean lines and open floor layouts along with the landscaping that looks very zen gardenesqe(sp). With enough bedrooms for several kids though, I would imagine you would need a full time toy picker-upper to make sure that any passer-bys didn’t immediately judge you as just another sloppy home owner. Although you could avoid all crayon graffiti by just making sure your terrible twos liked smelly dry erase markers.

Either way, make sure that you leave all of those gorgeous white stones outside so there isn’t some disastrous mishap that ruins your houses ambiance. The proverb doesn’t really say if you have to be IN the house to throw stones though…

Until next time, I’ll catch you on the flip side!



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