Rolling Real Estate


Living in your posh downtown condo is pretty sweet. You have your awesome view of the city and the lake, super upgraded kitchen finishes, more square footage than you have furniture for, even a spunky doorman who knows your name and makes you feel like a someone important. The only problem is that you are stuck in one place. Hopefull you have more money than sense so you can buy something like this!

Can you even call this a motor home? When I think of people driving around in a recreational vehicle it looks something like this…

Usually piloted by your Grandpa who probably wont hesitate to turn that thing around at any moment if you don’t stop hitting your brother. That whopper up top costs about three million dollars and would need to be the last thing you ever bought. I would be afraid to even park that anywhere that campground hooligans on Huffys could scuff my paint. Plus, how ridiculous would that look with your Buick Roadmaster hitched to the back?

I would be much more inclined to roll around in something with a little more muscle under the hood, or the side skirt as it were…

Drive safe and I’ll catch you on the flip side!



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