Lucky you it’s an extra post this week! I know you have been salivating all weekend for the next post and since it’s Halloween I figured it would be cool to check out some of the scariest places in Chicago! You can find all kinds of articles about scary houses across the nation but I figured we would look into the places much closer to home. I found two articles that went in to detail about several spots around the city that are haunted. They are here and here.

I found the story about Inez Clarke to be one of the creepiest. That is a picture of her grave marker with the glass box around her statue. This was done not for protection but as containment because the statue moves or disappears when there is a thunderstorm! The little girl was apparently struck by lightning and her statue must be trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This cemetery has some other creepy graves in it too. I do not like that I have driven by this apparent ghost hangout on several occasions and it is just North of where I live now! If you are trick-or-treating near 4000 N. Clark tonight, pray for clear weather.

The other super creepy one was about the ghost of Resurrection Mary who was killed outside of then buried at Archer Cemetery. On many occasions since the 1930s there have been well documented cases of people picking up a female hitchhiker who asks to be dropped off at the cemetery or simply disappears as the your car drives by the gates.

Hope everyone has a spooktacular night and remember, don’t pick up hitchhikers, even attractive blondes!

Catch you on the flip side!



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