Oh Japan!


Now, I don’t know how many of you are aware of all the ridiculousness that is Japan. If you click through the Interwebs you can find many an article related to the fantastic, weird, and downright strange things that they sell and do in the land of the rising sun. Those things are neither here nor there though as I would like to talk about real estate. I found this strange piece about houses in Japan that are built around the premise of how much you love your quadrupedal  friends.

A quick look through that shows that article every feature has been designed to make life more entertaining and fun for the cats of the house while still allowing for the people to have all that they need. The article notes that one of the houses has sixteen cats living in it…and five dogs… and we would assume a couple folks who have a fierce love for animals. That is twenty-three living, breathing creatures that need the space to complete all of their daily activities. Lets hope they have the space…

We here in America measure all things on what is called the imperial system (feet, yards, gallons, quarts, etc.). The rest of the world uses the metric system (meters, kilometers, liters, milliliters, etc.). So what they said in the article might not be so easily understood. The company that built the house of 1000 cats can build you homes measuring from 20-50 square meters. On first glance, those numbers look small but then we remember that meters and stuff are bigger than feet so maybe they are pretty decent sized. Nope. 20-50 square meters is roughly 215-538 square feet, and these places have multiple floors! This just goes to show how efficient people in Japan are with their use of space. People in Chicago are upset when their closets didn’t come out to 215 square feet!

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for whatever I can find next week.

Catch you on the flip side!



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