The Beginning


A quick intro about me and what I hope this blog will accomplish:

My name is Martin Hueter and I am a real estate consultant for the Chicago area working for a company called Vesta Preferred in their efforts to take over the real estate world. Mid-twenties, fun-loving, and with the world and its opportunities spread before me to be plucked like the ripest of fruits. I truly love what I do in every regard from meeting strange and interesting people, helping them slog through the stressful journey that can be apartment hunting, and getting a first-hand view of the awesome living spaces that are scattered throughout the city.

I hope this blog can be a fun and interesting way to show people different real estate related items and incite stimulating conversation for all you who will hopefully be my loyal followers. I also hope to expand my network within the city and possibly stir up some people that need help searching for the perfect new home. I can only hope that my charm and humor will be accurately shown through these words and they are enough to suck you all in.

With that being said, tune in tomorrow for my first actual post. I hope to update this phenomenal blog every Tuesday and Thursday.

Catch you on the flip side!



One comment

  1. Still waiting for that next post!

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